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Friday, June 02, 2006

Microsoft goes backwards compatible on its word

UPDATED: On the heals of Peter Moore's comments (and my blogging about them) comes info from the Xbox Marketing Team, who say they've heard "directly" from the folks working on backwards compatibility "that they're in the testing phase of another update, and it should be out in the next few weeks. We saw the list they're testing, and it looks like they're hoping to add at least a dozen titles."

Left Hand, meet Right Hand.


In a video interview on game site Kikizo, Microsoft's Corporate VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business (in the Entertainment and Devices Division) Peter Moore said, "Nobody is concerned anymore about backwards compatibility."


I'm concerned about backwards compatibility. I'm somebody.

He also said, "We under promised and over delivered on that."


Uh, Peter? The interview with Todd Holmdahl (Corporate VP of the Xbox Product Group) is still up on Todd says (and I quote):

"When we say Xbox library, we mean the entire Xbox library." (Emphasis mine.)
Oh, and Peter? Todd also says, "We're not going to forget about the console that got us where we are today. Xbox still has a very bright future with many top-tier titles coming out from the world's best developers."

I care about my titles being backwards compatible. I tend to pick up good games as they go on the cheap, and play them as I'm able (Soul Caliber, Psi-Ops, Beyond Good & Evil; none of which are on the BC list). I'm glad you enabled Brute Force, But I'd much rather you enable the X-Men Legends games (and fix Raven's damn "play online only with the same resolution" bug).

And I'd much prefer to play them on the feminine, strokably curvaceous Xbox 360, rather than the fat girl that puts out that is the old black 'box. But I may have revealed too much.

Anyway, you should check out the whole Kikizo interview with Moore -- It has a bunch of good stuff (other than the backwards compatibility thing) that are worth noting. Stuff like handhelds, price drops, accessory pricing, overall strategy, and cross-platform gaming

Also do check out the current list of backwards compatible titles -- and props to the technical folks who are actually making it happen.

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