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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

E3 2006 Preview #1

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is May 10-12, but the announcements are flying already (it's kind of like Christmas starting in August).

I'm going to try to keep up with events before and during E3, and I'll add a link to a summary blog post to the left side of this page, so you can get all of your 2006 E3 goodness (at least from me) in one place.

I'll also package links and RSS feeds (linking back to the owner's content), so you can see on what other sources are reporting.
  1. Xbox E3 source
  2. Valve announces new Xbox 360 development
  3. Webzen E3 line-up
  4. Free Xbox Live Gold week during E3
  5. CNN sneak peek of E3 2006


1. Xbox E3 source

Want Microsoft and Xbox E3 news from the source?

Check out the dedicated section of their Website, and subscribe to their RSS feed for up-to-the-minute info.

There's already some good stuff there, in particular a Too Human and Crackdown developer interviews. And there's a Peter Moore Pre-E3 interview.

2. Valve announces new Xbox 360 development

The titles "will be powered by a customized version of Source, the technology that powered Valve’s Half-Life 2," and the "Valve 360 products are being designed to leverage the Xbox 360’s advanced graphics hardware and integration with Xbox Live online game service."

3. Webzen E3 line-up

We've established I'm excited about WEBZEN and Huxley.

For the company, this year's them is arguably "MMOG", and their showing will include epic fantasy MMO role-playing game Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN), MMOFPS Huxley and the "mass-appeal casual MMORPG Project Wiki. All three titles will be playable in WEBZEN's exhibition booth.

4. Free Xbox Live Gold week during E3

Verizon is sponsoring an entire freaking week of free Xbox Live Gold play from May 8-14th. Check out the official site for the details and calendar.

5. CNN sneak peek of E3 2006

I like Chris Morris over at CNN's "Game Over" column. He's got a job I'd love, he's good at it, and he's pretty accessible for questions and comments.

His recent a column has his suggestions and projections for this years E3, and summarizes by saying, "While there aren't quite as many mysteries at this year's E3, there's plenty of anticipation."

Morris thinks we'll learn more about the PS3's hardware, launch titles, and online network, but not the price (which he may have to retract, since this month's PS Magazine's PS3 feature just "confirmed" a $399 price point). I'm also curious what this year's Killzone 2 showing will look like (after last year's "gameplay/pre-rendered" debate).

Nintendo will likely reveal the final name of the Revolution (which would be cool, but anticlimatic, it it stays "Revolution"), a more solid launch lineup, but no final price or specific launch date.

Morris argues Microsoft will focus more on software than hardware, which I find surprising. Sure, Windows Vista is supposed to be a "Gamers OS", but it's now delayed until at least January of next year. Besides, it seems like Microsoft could announce new or updated Xbox 360 peripherals (Webcam, keyboard plugin, etc.), and even talk about their new little "ultra-whiz-bang-mini-tablet-PC".

Morris expects (and I want) Halo info, but he thinks will focus on the next iteration for 2007, but I think will only be a brief tease about that game, and a big announcement about a Halo-themed MMO (partly because it's rumored, and partly because I want a Halo-themed MMO).

Morris also said full coverage during the E3 week will be provided by

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SOURCES:,,,, IGN, GameInformer, Official XBox Magazine, CNN,, and others.


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