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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update to backwards compatability list

Microsoft has released an update to the backwards compatibility list, adding 21 new titles to the roster.

Somw of them beyond suck (Bad Boys 2? You wasted time with Bad Boys 2?!), but there are some OK additions, and the sucky ones might have come along for free while enabling some other games. Maybe.

Here's the list (and commentary):
  1. 4x4 EVO 2 (mheh.)
  2. Amped 2 (mheh+1.)
  3. Bad Boys 2 (HAHAHAHA!)
  4. Big Mutha Truckers (What? Mother?)
  5. DOOM 3 (Nice!)
  6. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (Suh-weet, beautiful 1080i adventuring on Xbox 360.)
  7. Fatal Frame (Creepy Xbox 360 goodness.)
  8. FlatOut (OK.)
  9. Grabbed by the Ghoulies (Weak.)
  10. Intellivision Lives (Why? I've got Xbox Live Arcade!)
  11. LEGO Star Wars (Yeah, OK, but this game is just a stop-gap for LEGO Star Wars: The Original Trilogy.)
  12. Minority Report (mheh-1.)
  13. MLB SlugFest 20-04 (mheh.)
  14. The Punisher (I'm a comic book geek, so this is now worth picking up.)
  15. RalliSport Challenge (Too many decent Xbox 360 car games for me to care.)
  16. Silent Hill 4: The Room (Better creepy Xbox 360 goodness.)
  17. Spawn Armageddon (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
  18. Spider-Man (OK, but what about Spider-Man 2?)
  19. Star Wars Battlefront (OK, but Star Wars Battlefront II is on the list already.)
  20. State of Emergency (mheh-2.)
  21. Zapper (mheh-3.)

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