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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Distort Yourself (Institute)

I'm listening to Distort Yourself by the band Institute, and it'll probably take me a little more time to decide on it.

Overall, I like the vibe, but since I was expecting something different, and Gavin Rossdale's (Bush) guitar and vocals are so distinctive, I keep having American Werewolf in Paris flashbacks.

Though I really like ""Bullet Proof Skin" and "When Animals Attack", they feel the most Bush-like (<JuvenileSnicker/>). I half-wonder if these two tracks are currently so popular, because they remind people of Bush's old feel.

I am struck by several of the lyrics, like this earily prophetic line from "Boom Box":
"If tolerance is dead there'll be no rest for the living."
And by "Tolerance", I mean real tolerance, where people respect individual people's beliefs and ideals without abdicating their personal beliefs or common standards.

I don't mean the new tolerance, that embarrassment that is a call to accept everyone's beliefs and actions, no matter how inane or self- or corporately damaging, and is the song of the psuedo intelligentsia and pseudo bleeding hearts as they get in the way of true passion and heroism and conviction.

And by "Pseudo", I mean the Greek prefix of "false".

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