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Saturday, August 11, 2007

George "The Fat Man" Sanger

I live in Texas. And I'm big into video games.

Sooo ... I'm surprised I haven't written about George "The Fat Man" Sanger on any of my blogs.

He's been doing music for games for like 25 years. He's super talented on the musical front, and from from what I understand from friends of friends, pretty cool. The guy's done it all -- from MIDI to orchestral, for something around 250 games (averaging 10 games a year, for you non-math whizzes).

And you can hear samples of his stuff on his Website. I'm particularly fond of "Tiny Hero" (which is fun and poppy and deep, kinda like toned-down They Might Be Giants or hyped up Peter Murphy); "Chapel Pain" (which sounds like something from the TimeSplitters 2 Notre Dame level); "Crotchtower" (first for the name, and secondly for the 60s vibe); and "Mr. Death", because I'm a Tom Waits fan).

I met him a year or two ago. Turns out he's not fat. He might be phat, but physically, he's kinda wiry. At least last I saw him.


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