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I like toys. I'm secure in my maturity (or lack thereof). And toys were meant to played with. So, yes, I open rare and exclusive items, and mess with them, "Toy Story" style. Hard-core toy collectors should probably not read this blog.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

OK, so maybe I'm not playing with this. More like coveting somebody who is playing. is a gallery of one guy's personal collection of toys -- Mostly Marvel Legends and other Marvel toys. And a lot of variants.

You can get high-quality picts of these things other places, but his placing the series (or multiple series) side by side to show relative scale is pretty useful in determining that part of the authenticity of the sculpts.

His display alone is wicked cool, and he also has news updates about toys, toy shows, and links to comics and videos made with the toys.

And despite my dissatisfaction with the Hasbro takeover of the Marvel Legends line, I did learn from (a la the New York Toy Fair) there will be a WWII Captain America and Hydra soldier in the "Marvel Legends Queen Brood Series" (Series 3). I'm hoping the Hydra soldier is based on the unreleased ToyBiz prototype, but the Cap is going to be hard pressed to top the Marvel Select version (other than on the articulation front).

The site's built in frames, which totally sucks, but the content is great, so check it out, and benefit from another man's obsession with toys.

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