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Friday, September 30, 2005

A History of Violence

I saw A History of Violence today, and it's a good film.

Viggo Mortensen continues to do a solid job of (A) showing that he'll never be forever typecast as Aragorn, and (B) that he's a top-notch actor.

As a matter of fact, though the story is a bit disjoint, the acting pretty much across the board is A-List. Besides Mortensen, Maria Bello (*sigh*) does a knockout job, I've never not liked Ed Harris, and William Hurt (who I do generally like), did a surprisingly "different" performance (at least as I saw it).

And Ashton Holmes was a new face and performance for which I sat up and took note -- and I'm grateful David Cronenberg gave him so much opportunity.

Speaking of Cronenberg -- I do think he's talented. I also think he tends to be a bit gatuitous for gratuitous sake, and that presence in this film detracts from specific moments, and a bit from the film in general.

Overall, I think A History of Violence is worth seeing.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Amazing Race Family Edition

I'm a bit hooked on The Amazing Race reality TV series, and The Amazing Race Family Edition takes the show in a fun new direction.

There are some opportunites to watch some compelling personality dynamics in this kind of highly competitive show anyway, but the whole family dynamic lets me see more facets of each person's personality. As an example, whereas before I might see a guy acting as a competitor and a husband, now I get to see him as a husband and dad, and maybe how he acts differently as a dad of son versus the dad of a daughter; "Dad as Disciplinarian", or "Dad as Encourager"; etc.

I wonder if Phil Keoghan just got this gig because of that eyebrow thing he can do. Not that I begrudge him at all -- more power to him. I also wonder if he gets called a "kiwi", like Russell Crowe. And I wonder if that makes them kindred spirits. And I wonder if I'm rambling ...

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

I saw Tim Burton's Corpse Bride today.

Tim Burton is an artist, and the stuff that he creates with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Danny Elfman is a ton of fun. And I think co-director Mike Johnson may be a guy to watch.

The film's a weird (but working) mix of sentimentality and "ew". Also, I'm not going to tell you (because it will give away too much of the plot), but a gold star to you if you can figure out after you watch the film what classic (not Disney)children's story Corpse Bride retells.

And there's a nice, subtle, and infinitely deserved nod to Ray Harryhausen that's kind of fun, too.

Now, it's off to find the musical score ...

(You may notice the offical movie website is having problems; while it's down, check out the trailer at Apple.)

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