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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Want to play the Chromehounds demo in the U.S.?

UPDATED: This is an old post, and clever as it is, Microsoft has since tightened its territorial restrictions on the 360's marketplaces. So, doing the below violates your user agreement. You have been warned ...

So, I was pretty bummed when Major Nelson said the Chromehounds Xbox 360 demo was not going to be available in the US., Canada, and Mexico -- because I'm really looking forward to this game.

Lucky for me, regular reader (and Gamer Friend (and Gamer Score Whore)) GammaZero found a workaround, which I tried, and it works.

Below are the steps to enjoy Chromehounds in another territory -- but be warned, it's a demo, and it's not supposed to be available for you to play, so they (and I) am/are not responsible if anything goes wonky.
  • Create a new Windows Live ID (what was a Microsoft Passport)
  • Pick a Country/Region where the game demo is available (say, France)
  • Make it something you can remember (like "")
  • Go to your Xbox 360, sign out of Xbox Live, and create a new gamer tag (such as "ImStillNotFrench")
  • Link the account to the existing French Windows Live ID you just created
  • Sign up for an Xbox Live Silver account (scroll down -- it's the 4th option, and off screen)
  • Go to Xbox Live Marketplace/Demos, and download the Chromehounds demo
  • Log off of Xbox Live, sign back in with your regular gamer tag, and voila -- the demo's there
  • Play to your heart's content.

Thanks, GammaZero! You get a free Official Xbox Magazine disc!

Oh, And check out my other blog for initial thoughts on the game.

UPDATE: Added GammaZero's Gamer Card.

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