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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Captain America (paperweight)

Captain America bust
Someone who knows me and loves me better than they ought (and more than I deserve) got me this Captain America paperweight.

Cold cast resin, hand painted, and very cool (those are fabric stretches across his chest), this Cap gets shelf treatment, and won't likely be holding down any papers (to be honest, I don't have a large wind problem in my office).

And the word balloon? Given the events during and fallout from Marvel's "Civil War" arc, I think signs point to something along these lines down the Marvel publishing road. I just added the "upper body" as a nod to how extreme resurrection stories can become (uh, "Heroes Reborn"?).

We'll see how prescient I am.

Speaking of "Heroes Reborn" which, if you know of an inexpensive "Heroes Reborn" version of Captain America (factory or custom), let me know.

I say "inexpensive", because it's just going to be used as a punching bag for my other Captain Americas...


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