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Friday, October 29, 2004

I got to be Captain America!

I recorded an audition today for the Marvel Enterprises contest, "THE ULTIMATE VOICE TALENT SEARCH".

Marvel is making an animated DVD of The Ultimates (their modern incarnation of the Avengers), and are using the contest to find voice talent. OK, granted they're not likely to actually cast the primary roles for this thing, and are probably using it as a PR campaign (and looking for entertaining fanboy footage to add to the DVD extras on the disc). But where others told me they saw low payoff not worth their time, I saw opportunity.

By filming a professionally coached voice session of the sides, I got practice on mic, was able to flex my acting chops, have a shot at wowing the submission reviewers beyond what they're expecting, and got some more audio for my unofficial voice demo and new video clips for "The Cutting Room" section of my website. (The clips and that section of the site will go up after I sync the mastered audio from the CD-ROM to each of the 5 scenes on the MiniDV tape.)

I filmed my audition at the Production Block in Austin, under the direction of the incomparable Lainie Frasier (voice talent, coach, director, and producer). The Block has been more than generous to me in my brief career, and you can't get much more talented (or genuinely likeable) than Lainie.

Besides the short-term benefit, Captain America is my all-time favorite hero. One of my professional performer goals is to be Captain America, so this opportunity is a short-term bone in that long-term target.

Next stage of the competition is going to LA for a recording session, though I suspect they may pass on my submission once they realize I'm a professional actor. The audition's done though, so everything else is gravy.

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