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Friday, March 04, 2005

I had a good lunch meeting with LA rocker Aaron Hamre, and his manager, Jennifer Waterston.

We talked about a lot of stuff: My voice and film work, his upcoming album (he's off to LA to finish some last-minute mixing), and a bunch of what I'll call "synergistic opportunities" for us in areas of branding, video gaming, and live performances (among other things).

Aaron, Jennifer, and I are looking at concrete ways to leverage each other's skills and markets to get us all a bunch more work.

Hey, we're in the Biz -- we all want something ...

And to be honest, Aaron pretty much, uh, rocks. So check him out if you get the chance. You get three chances in March (9, 11, 23) to catch him at an early happy hour accoustic set at Jovita's in Austin (1619 S. 1st St.).

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