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Saturday, May 07, 2005

I had a good audition for the film Cake, with writer/director Will Wallace. I did a workshop with Will back in January, and today got to read for the role of Desmond, the not-quite-closet hairdresser doing a wedding video monologue.

Despite muffing one word (it's "clashes", not "exploded", but when in doubt, substitute with conviction), the audition was a blast, and it was fun to play with such a different, flamboyant character. And "Doing something totally different" on the second take to me meant going lumberjack (initially with a southern USA accent, but ending up sounding southern Australia).

I went with kind of a gay-bohemian look. Between the pressed cargo pants, sleeveless T, fabulous purple Bill Blass button down, Birkenstocks(ish), silver and white gold rings, Miami Vice stubble, and the pink emory board I was waving around, I felt the part.

I narrowly avoided disaster when, showing up for the audition, I dropped the magnetic studs to my earings somewhere behind the driver's seat, into that black hole where parking garage ticket stubs and french fries often disappear. Good thing I'm a quick thinker, and crimped my toe ring onto my left lobe (no, I hadn't put it on my foot yet, and yes, my ear is healing nicely, thank you).

Anyway, Will and team were great to audition for, the audition was a blast, and I really recommend you go see Cake when it's finished, even in the tragic event of my not being cast, and the name of the film changing to something less pithy ...

On the way out, Casting Director Donise Hardy snagged me and introduced me to accomplished actor Pato Hoffman, who seems to have this unpretentious gravity about him. Pretty cool. And Donise was beyond kind in chatting me up with Pato. Plus she said I looked pretty ...

Also ran way too briefly into fellow actors Chel Simon, Nicole Graf, and Karrie Hamilton (she and I muffed a scene together a couple of weeks ago).

Great day ...

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