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Friday, July 15, 2005

I saw The Fantastic Four at lunch today (yes, the movie).

Good summer flick, a lotta fun, great trailers, good cast.

Speaking of cast, though I think they made a major miss-step in making The Thing foam-rubbery-looking rock (instead of CGI, a la Hulk), I'm finding myself liking Michael Chiklis. Then, Jessica Alba (Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl) is (of course) incredibly watchable (Gorgeous? The comic book leading lady? And she can act?). I liked Julian McMahon (Dr. Victor von Doom) in The Profiler, and I'm looking forward to Prisoner. I'm still thinking about Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic). He's a surprisingly prolific (professionally) young(ish) actor, so I think I'll check out King Arthur and a few of his other things and get back with you. He does do a good job with some rough dialogue, though.

Which leaves us with Chris Evans (Johnny Storm/the Human Torch), who is a lot of fun in this flick. He looks like he's haveing a fun, and his scenes feel authentic.

Other than the movie, my trailer awards include the following:

Back to FF, I can't help but find it significant that the film opened a week after its planned release (so as not to compete with the July 4 launch of War of the Worlds), but has made $25 million more (in a week's less time).

I gotta think Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise find it significant, too ... ;-)

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