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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Running is good thinking time.

At least for me.

I've mentioned it before, but rain and running do wonders for my creative juices.

Last run and this run, I've been inspired to work on NAwM (which is going to get changed to another camel-cased codename, but that won't be published; the new acronym figures too prominently in the story).

NAwM is one of my multi-Intellectual Property ("multi-IP") projects. I'm gearing the thing for comic book, video game, and movie and/or cartoon venues (it's hard to pull of the last two together; not that the others are going to be a cakewalk). Each of the mediums have particular challenges (besides the unique way you need to do the pitches for each), and I figured out how I want to work in the often-problemmatic video game training sequence in a way that's true to the story, will hopefully feel organic, and leaves some surprises for later.

I also figured out a few story elements that are pretty important to the "trueness" of the characters. I'm pretty stoked about those.

Oh, and I was kind of attacked by a dog again tonight. Unlike last time, this time was a little entertaining.

I was chased by a geriatric chihuahua for about a block and a half. He ran out of a party goer's back yard, all two pounds of his gray-flecked redness. I felt bad for him, so I slowed down so he could catch up, but by the time he reached me, he'd evidently forgotten why he'd been running, passed me, and stood confused in the street. I coaxed him over to lawn where he could sit and gag from the exertion of the chase.

His owners ran up and got him and took him back to the party.

Cute and sad at the same time.

Getting old seems to suck no matter the species ...

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