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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I had a great audition Monday night for Subway.

Not that the audition itself was that good, but the overall thing was fun. I got to interview with a buddy of mine, Richard Ricks, friend and really talented actor.

We were scheduled within 10 minutes of each other and got to audition on camera for each other's scenes, each other's roles, and we both got to read for the male role with an actress that came in for her read. So I got to do a lot of auditioning with a good guy.

After that, I was off to the rescheduled Reel Women monthly "Monday Mix". It was at a different venue (clothing boutique) than normal, and ... not a lot of fun.

I had some OK conversations (really enjoyed chatting with both José Mata ("Mata" backwards is "ataM", and "Adam" backwards is "madA"; etc.) and Gary Chason), but the venue was wonkey, there were racks of clothes cutting off groups of people, and the vibe was just ... off.

After touching base with other people like Rommel Sulit, Elizabeth Mason, Michael Morlan, and Arnie Reyes, I ducked out with Richard and Melissa Holmes (again, probably one of the most talented people you don’t yet know) to Cedar Door (waffle fries, suds, and easy conversation). Now that was a good time.

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