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Monday, February 27, 2006

It was a good shoot this weekend for a neat "something" project, Where's Claire.

As an actor, it let me do some things I haven't before -- green screen and 360-degree camera. These things are really challenging, a lot of fun, and I'm antsy to see the final project.

Even better were the folks with whom I got to work.

Barbara Hendricks (KLG/Jade) is amazing. She's got vision, and can see the very untraditional finished projects in her head. She's one of those people who makes things "come together in post" (as opposed to trying to "fix it in post").

Leon Rodriquez (Blue Hill Cinema) is a fantastic DP (and director in his own right), and so freaking talented and pleasant to work with and around. He works his tail off on his own and other projects, and I so want him to hit it big, soon.

Chad Furrow is the sound guy to hire for anyone needing sound work. Professional, focused, low-key and funny, this is the second time I've worked with Chad, and again had a good experience.

I had a new makeup person, Kaye (I'm probably misspelling her name), who was fascinating and sooo good. She's taught cosmotology and health for 30 years at the university level in Europe, and did holistic-related training in China for two years. She knows a massive amount about everything from skin care and theatrical makeup to the history of clothing and cosmetics -- and also had a great attitude.

I worked with Claire again. She's a seventh grader getting an early start on a strong acting career (if she decides to go that way).

I was also able to work with two actresses with whom I hadn't had the previous pleasure: Jennifer Blair and Jenny Taylor -- be sure to check out Jenny's Website.

Read the previous posts for the reverse chronology blow-by-blow.

A great, very rewarding weekend. I'm beat, but there's more to do ...

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