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Saturday, February 04, 2006

So, not since I picked up the Marvel Legends Black Panther have I gotten a comic book related toy to reward myself for my dedication to my acting (see here for an old post with more info).

Then, while at a Walgreen's clearance/moving sale today, I saw these Marvel "Mighty Beanz".

I've seen these things before, and thought about getting them, but wasn't going to spring $6 for 5 Beanz, without knowing what the hell they do.

Ah, but for 59-cents per package, things just ... got ... interesting.

So I picked up a few (right, 16) packes, and ended up with a ton of stuff. There are 54 total Series I Beanz, broken into "Common", "Uncommon", and "Rare" collectibles.

I ended up with 42 of the 56, I still don't know what the hell they're for, but damned if I'm not hooked on getting them all (it's like a less sensical version of Pokemon - if that's possible).

Here's how I netted out with the 16 packages (with occasional commentary):
  • Package #1 (Spider-Man, Sabretooth, Absorbing Man (Uncommon), Black Panther (Uncommon), Phoenix (Rare))
  • Package #2 (Invisible Woman, Kang, Sabretooth (repeat #1), Bullseye (Uncommon), Punisher (Rare))
  • Package #3 (Hulk, Giant Man, Vision, Iron Fist (Uncommon), Gambit (Rare))
  • Package #4 (Cyclops, Spider-Man (repeat #1), Thing (Uncommon), Peter Parker (Uncommon), Spider-Man II (black costume, Rare))
  • Package #5 (Cyclops (repeat #1), Annihilus, Hawkeye (Uncommon), Elektra (Rare), Skrull)
  • Package #6 (Hulk (repeat #1), Giant Man (repeat #1), Scarlet Witch, Green Goblin (Uncommon), Venom (Rare))
  • Package #7 (Sabretooth (repeat #2), Hulk (repeat #2), Thing (repeat #1, Uncommon), Peter Parker (repeat #1, Uncommon), Lady DeathStrike (Rare) not a great set)
  • Package #8 (Doctor Octopus, Black Cat (Rare), Absorbing Man (repeat #1), Giant Man (repeat #2), Green Goblin (repeat #1, Uncommon))
  • Package #9 (Mister Fantastic, Sabretooth (repeat #3), Kang (repeat #2), Loki (Rare), Abomination (Uncommon, finished Hulk set!))
  • Package #10 (Hulk (repeat #3), Thing (repeat #2, Uncommon), Cyclops (repeat #2), Peter Parker (repeat #2, Uncommon), Spider-Man II (black costume, Rare))
  • Package #11 (Captain America (yeah, my boy!), Iceman, Mary Jane (Uncommon, and finshes the Spider-Man set!), Lady DeathStrike (repeat #1), (Thing (repeat #3, Uncommon))
  • Package #12 (Professor X, Beast (Uncommon), Dr. Strange (Rare), Doctor Octopus (repeat #1), Absorbing Man (repeat #2))
  • Package #13 (Iceman (repeat #1), Hulk (repeat #4), Absorbing Man (repeat #3), Black Panther (repeat #1), Lady DeathStrike (repeat #2))
  • Package #14 (Jean Grey, Thor (finishes Thor set!), Luke Cage (Uncommon, finishes Luke Cage/Iron Fist set!), Wolverine II (brown costume, rare), Spider-Man (repeat #2))
  • Package #15 (Daredevil (finishes Daredevil set!), Iron Man, Scarlet Witch (repeat #1), Iron Fist (repeat #1), Venom (repeat #1))
  • Package #16 (Magneto (Uncommon), Professor X (repeat #1), Skrull (repeat #1), Iron Fist (repeat #2), Black Cat (repeat #1)
I may have a problem ...

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