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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do cigarette laws increase cigarette and related sales?

I've been thinking about this since attending SXSW shows.

Austin as a city -- and therefore clubs and bars in the city -- are now smoke-free. So, smokers can't puff away on cigs while rocking out -- they need to step out, smoke a quick one, miss music, and go back in.

So, do people smoke less of a cigarette, in order to get back inside to hear the music? Does this partial smoking increase their consumption, and therefore, spending?

Or maybe it decreases it, because they don't want to miss the entertainment.

But then I was at the airport, and noticed the "No cigarette lighters beyond this point" signage, and a bin for disposing of lighters. Are BiC and Zippo making a mint off of the Patriot Act? (I'm being a bit unfair, but inquiring minds want to know.)

Anyway ...

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