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Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm so tired

Yesterday's Moving Day #2 was brutal. I took a few loads solo in my truck
while waiting for friends.

And I have some rocking friends. They spent their Friday evening to help me
move. Very generous.

I think the suckiest part was unloading the attic. It was literally like
120-degrees, and I was handing heavy stuff down to the guys, squatting over
the access opening, trying not to drop stuff on them. I woke up so many
times last night, just hurting.

Now, I'm sitting on wooden stairs, waiting for my shot at a a national
audition that was supposed to start at 10:40. And I'm not even on deck yet
(if I was on deck, you wouldn't be getting this).

I need to get done, so I can begin Moving Day #3.

My ass is so sore...

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