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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Selfish birthday weekend: Day #4

The Blow-By-Blow:

Selfish birthday weekend: Day #4

Yesterday (Monday) was "Selfish Birthday Weekend Day 4", and the official end to my birthday 4-day weekend o' playing.

It started out disappointingly enough. Even though I as on vacation, I got hassled by work (for something "needed to be fixed right away", and did not need my involvement), and another run to the vet for poor ol' Loki.

Things picked up after that, as I was able to attend the last part of a very special someone's performance, a Kerbey Lane late breakfast lunch with loved ones, the back home for a bunch o' blogging and video game related shenanigans.

I treated myself to another 3-plus mile run, which sucked with the humidity (breathing was a chore), but I was able to get in the zone and mentally story board a key scene from one of my multi-IPs, MoH.

Then, it was more video game semi-journalistic work before acting buddies Aaron Hallaway (his headshots are wonky on the Agency site -- use the one on the far right for reference) and Adam Langley kidnapped me for a birthday celebration.

It started out with a "mobile cave of manliness", which consisted of the passenger side of the car filled with black balloons and streamers -- kind of a Batcave, but cooler, because it was mobile (if not necessarily safe).

We hit Fox & Hound for dinner, beer and darts (I sucked at the first game, and I suspect they let me win the second), then to Draught House for a grudge match to finish a pint of Arrogant Bastard (that stuff'll slap you around if you're not eating a meal at the same time), followed by a smoother (and more appreciated) hefeweizen. And good, important conversation with guys I think the world of.

Then we were off home, which I made more interesting by popping the balloons (about 100) at opportune times (like when changing lanes or entering/exiting the freeway). There was a brief stop at a Whataburger when I mentioned I've been in Texas 9 years and never eaten at one (and I was riding with "Mr. Whataburger" Langley). They're honey chicken biscuit is good.

And I got another Xbox 360 wireless controller (suh-weet!) -- and a jigsaw puzzle, plumbing goop, and a prize fighter belt. You kind of have to be us to get it.

Great, great evening, and a great way to end a birthday weekend.

Today, of course, hurts -- but it's worth it.

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