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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm scared ...

Tonight, I start a new class.

It's a Meisner class.

The Meisner technique isn't so much about acting, as it is about stripping me down, breaking down walls that get in the way of authentic emotion, and being able to call on that emotion when needed.

So, why is it scary?

I'm fairly buttoned up. And by doing this class, I'm asking to be messed over. For four months.

I'm seriously grateful to Van Brooks and the Mastery for starting the change in my acting and my character (seriously, that weekend is a big reason why you'll even see me with my shirt untucked and occasionally a few days stubble). Meisner could make that weekend look like an emotional blip.

This class isn't an acting workout, and it's not a camera technique. It's emotional deconstruction.

So, why am I doing it?

I care about relationships. I care about authentic relationships. I need that authenticity with my self, so I can better know myself, and relate with and connect to the people I love, people with whom I interact, and my acting craft.

This is important. And it's scary.

What happens when the floodgates open?

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