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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Toy update

(I'm trying out Microsoft's Windows Live Writer Beta to write this post. We'll see what happens.)

My post yesterday about the Lacie Brick hard drive made me realize I haven't posted about my toy fetish habit lately.

This is going to sound way geekier than it is, because I'm summing up stuff I haven't written about for some time.

First, for those needing closure, I got a Doctor Doom Marvel Mighty Beanz (remember this embarrassment?), but I had to buy the freaking thing, because after finding and opening another 16 packages, I still didn't have the final missing Viktor. I'm pathetic. But now I'm done.

More interesting are the Marvel Legends line of dolls figures, because I like the better sculpted and/or more offbeat characters.

I picked up Captain Britain and Ant Man, because I've got a smaller C.B. from the nineties, and putting these two together creates kind of an Alan Davis moment, and I got Ant Man, because I'm constantly amazed that Marvel keeps making him a viable character. Of course, this the Scott Lang Ant Man, not the Henry Pym ant man. But, Brian Michael Bendis killed Scott Lang recently, so I could pretend this was Hank Pym, and then buy the Ultron figure for irony. But that would be a new level of toy geek pathetic, so let's not go there. I may have revealed too much.

At the very least, the Lang Ant Man adds to my "Dead Heroes" part of my collection (joining Sasquatch, who, uh, Bendis also killed; waitaminute).

I also picked up the variant versions of Marvel Legends Face Off series -- Daredevil/Kingpin and Hulk Leader. I didn't get these because they're variants (I don't do that; I buy toys to enjoy, not to speculate).

Now (because I love almost all things Cap) I'm seriously jonesing for the variant Captain America/Red Skull/Baron Von Strucker. If you find it, let me know. Seriously hot toys right now, which sucks when you're not after them just to jack prices up.

To meet the need short term (and in a big way), I did find the Marvel Legends Icons (12") variant (unmasked) Captain America, which is way cool (if a bit Aryan in sculpt).

What's next on the toy craze agenda?

  • The aforementioned variant Captain America/Red Skull/Baron Von Strucker (UPDATED -- picked up both the regular and variant of this at Wal-Mart; same body sculpt on the bad guy on both, but a different paint job, head, and accessories -- and the body sculpt is pretty good.)
  • The metal Transformers "War Within" Megatron and Optimus Prime (I get this redo). (UPDATED: Got 'em!)
  • 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime Re-issue. (UPDATED: I heard the voice clips on this bad boy, and it doesn't sound like Peter Cullen; I'm not going to drop $70 on a toy that doesn't sound like Cullen's John Wayne(ish) take on the leader of the Autobots.)

OK, turns out this does sound really geeky.


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