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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Take care of people ...

People need to take care of people.

I need to look out for each one of these human beings with whom I get to share my life. I need to treat them with decency and respect, stand up for myself, and hold me and them to an incredibly high standard. I need to fly in the face of people who don't do that.

People need to do this for people. Culture can't. Processes can't. BigHugeCorps can't. Those are soul-less things that are symptoms of things people do in concert. Intentionally or unintentionally. Positive or Negative.

But I can be 100% accountable -- for my own thoughts, emotions, and actions. I can treat people with real respect and decency. I can call bullshit on the superficial actions, because I'm adhering to a higher standard.

Life is a bumpy ride.

Life is a bumpy, exhausting, important ride....

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