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Sunday, January 28, 2007

How I spent my "free" day ...

I mentioned yesterday since my workshop got cancelled, I was going to spend that carved-out day doing other Biz stuff. Since I told you about it, you deserve an update.

First, I felt so much like warmed over death yesterday, not spending the whole day semi-conscious in bed was a huge win. So there's that.

  • Tax prep -- Most of yesterday was pulling together revenue, tax, and related info for 2006, putting 2005 to rest, and getting a jump on 2007. Not sexy, ridiculously time consuming, but really needed. And, overall (so far), more encouraging than last year.

  • Reading -- I read the first 7 issues of the Moon Knight re-launch from Marvel, and pulled out one (may turn into two) possible monologues for future use. Besides the monologue gain, I'm fascinated by license reboots, and how a company goes about making a license that could be considered tired or hackneyed (Batman fans may claim as much), and do it in a fresh and convincingly viable way. Also, I'm pretty much at the affect of a lot of stuff lately, and even this title's treatment and commentary on gods and faith has got my wheels spinning.

    I also read up on two guys by which I'm pretty inspired -- Marvel's EIC Joe Quesada, and artist Steve McNiven; I think I'll write a separate post about those guys later.

    There was other miscellaneous reading for acting on the comic book, trade pubs, religion, and video game front, too.

  • Making movies -- I made three mini stop-motion animated movies last night (two 2D and one 3D), playing with a bunch of tools and software combinations to see what the best balance of work and quality is. I'm getting pretty excited about this stuff, and may a couple of the prototypes I'm not worried about getting "out there" (and anything I youtube I'll obviously republish on this blog). These videos are sans audio (other than sound effects, since my voice is hacked by my sore throat and congestion, but I'll hopefully add that stuff later.

  • Video study -- I spent some time going through video game cut scenes in two games -- Lost Planet and Dead Rising. As a voice actor, I'm looking for what works, what doesn't, and why. Even though both of these are from Capcom, they're handled very differently, with Dead Rising having a better presentation. There's a little more about my consideration of these two games in my Lost Planet mini review.

  • Acts of kindness -- I did help a fellow actor with car trouble, so that kind of counts as Biz-related, right?
So, that's yesterday.

Today is more tax stuff (*grumble*); more stop-motion stuff (yay!); and taking care of myself so I can get past this sick thing and get back to running and acting stuff.

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