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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Meisner, Round 2 ...

I'm about 5 hours out from the kickoff of the second ("don't-call-it-advanced") session of Meisner tonight.

I expect new challenges, new unexplainability, and new growth. And hopefully I can finish the whole session ("there is weirdness in the wings").

Here's a dump of last session Meisner-related posts (some loosely related, some more so):
  1. I'm scared ...
  2. I survived ....
  3. Thoughts on Meisner so far
  4. Good Meisner week ...
  5. The Network Austin Mixer tonight at Mother Egan's
  6. The responsibility of an actor ...
  7. Busy Biz week ...
  8. Meisnering(ish)-esness
  9. I'm pissy (2)
  10. Meisning
  11. comMeisnerating
  12. Busy on the acting front
  13. Nervous for class tonight ...
  14. Last night was rough...
  15. The one where I was a jerk ...
  16. That pretty much sums up class tonight ...
  17. Acting made me a better manager today
  18. I'm tired of sucking ...
  19. Bittersweet ...
  20. Yesterday was a good acting day
  21. Good night ...
  22. Want to study Meisner?

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