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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is a national event where local retailers give out free comic books as a way to give the medium exposure to new readers.

FCBD is a great way to test out books of all genres for all ages (I really recommend Owly for pre-readers).

If you're one of those folks I've gotten hooked on books in Texas or North Carolina, Several Austin area stores are participating, as are NC stores, and several are doing more than "just" giving away free books. Rogues Gallery in Round Rock, TX, for example is making a big event out of the day, with several industry folks in-town for signings and meet-n-greets (including "in the family" folks like Marvel writers Paul Tobin, Paul Benjamin; Artist Colleen Coover; and Carswriter Alan Porter of BOOM! Studios).

If you're intimidated with how to get started with what to read, store owners like Randy Lander (who ownsRogues Gallery) are great about suggesting books based on your TV, movie, and game preferences.

Below are the "official" free books, but several of the participants are ponying up additional free offerings of their own.

Previews available on the FCBD Website.

  • Archie's Summer Splash! #1
  • Doctor Solar/Magnus
  • Fractured Fables
  • G.I. Joe #155 ½
  • Iron Man/Thor
  • Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock
  • Shrek & The Penguins
  • The John Stanley Library
  • Toy Story
  • War of the Supermen #0
  • Sonic: The Hedgehog
  • Worlds of Aspen
  • Fearless Dawn
  • S.E. Hinton / Fame
  • Bongo: Free-For-All
  • Irredeemable #1
  • DC Kids Mega-Sampler
  • Del Rey Showcase
  • Green Hornet #1
  • Weathercraft!
  • The Overstreet Guide
  • Library of American Comics #0
  • Artifacts: First Look
  • Love and Capes #13
  • Iron Man: Supernova
  • The Tick #1
  • Oni Press Free-For-All!
  • The Sixth Gun #1
  • Radical: Bigger Books!
  • Atomic Robo
  • Freedom Formula: Speed Metal
  • The Stuff of Legend/Mortal Instruments Preview
  • Owly And Friends


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