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Monday, June 12, 2006

Moon Knight

Moon Knight, like Beta Ray Bill, is one of favorite lesser-known comic book characters.

I've been excited about the pending relaunch of the franchise, since it took a dive in the West Coast Avengers days.

I've always liked Moon Knight, but thought his get up and the whole "worshipping the moon god" thing was a bit ... hokey.

Writer Charlie Huston and artist David Finch are looking to almost literally resurect the character, after brutally stripping him to ground zero, and if the first two issues are any indication, the character's got some life left in him.

David "New Avengers" Finch has got a solid art style, and I'm hoping he keeps fleshing it out more as his own. I've seen previews for issues #3 and #4, and I'm worried he''l go too far with the "me too Todd McFarlane" look (and before people start saying Moon Knight ripped off Spawn, MK was waaaay before Todd's little hellboy.)

Anyway, should be a good ride, for as long as the series lasts.

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