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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Captain America

I just read Captain America #32.

Y'know, I've been accused of being too much of a Captain America fanboy, and of being "too keen" on Brubaker.

A lesser mortal would crumble under such criticism.


I say, "Screw you, and your non-pictured, book-reading ways!"

Brubaker and Steve Epting keep writing a book without the lead character, make it matter, and make the Falcon look cool(er).

Bite me, Cap/Brubaker haters. Read the book. Don't watch the movies.


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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moon Knight

I just read Moon Knight #13.

What the hell just happened?

If the title had been pulling like this throughout the tailing of Charlie Huston's run, maybe there wouldn't have been a tailing to Huston's run.

You might remember Huston and I traded words, and he copped to his part in the Moonie decline, and encouraged me to stay with character for writer Mike Benson, and artist Tomm Coker.

Problem is, starting with issue #14 it's writer Benson and artist Mark Texiera. I like Texiera (dude has come a long way since the nineties), and though Benson's an unknown quantity to me, that's not the issue.

The issue is Huston plus Coker in MK #13 equals a new level of amazing. Seriously, for me this was like a mini Daredevil Frank Miller / Bill Sienkiewicz graphic novel.

And now Huston's leaving.

I take back the "nice guy" stuff I said about him. He puts out work this high bar and than leave me wanting more. Jerk.


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Sub-Mariner #5 is on its way to finishing out "The Initiative"(ish) tie-in miniseries, and I'm OK with the arc.

I picked the series up on a lark, and even though this issue was a bit lighter for me on the impact side, I've been pretty pleasantly surprised by the run.

I can see where #6 can go, and it's boring, so I hope I'm wrong.


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Reading the Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk #111 is better than World War Hulk #5.

But it doesn't occur "between World War Hulk #4 and 5" -- it occurs during World War Hulk #4 and 5.

And it should be called The New Champions, and I'm good.

Now let's see if they can pull a Captain America. But they don't have the Brubaker factor.

(I missed the Champions.)

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World War Hulk

"This ... is how the (Hulk) ends."

Just finished World War Hulk #5, the "end" of the World War Hulk saga.


John Romita Jr. art is great, but Hulk versus Sentry is no Thor versus Iron man (my new king of throwdowns), and this was just a generally unsatisfying ending for me.

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