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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Halo ActionClix

Halo ActionClix, page 1
Halo ActionClix, page 2
Halo ActionClix, the new game that's a franchise spinoff from Wizkids HeroClix and HorrorClix games, doesn't hit until September.

Normally a two-pack Target exclusive for pre-ordering Halo 3, the fine folks at WizKids gave me this Spartan and Elite during Comic-Con.

Like their other Clix offerings, these are really nice little sculpts, with a lot of detail and great paint. "E" the "Elite" looks almost life-like lizard like. (And, before I get Emails, yes, I know this is the Arbiter. But there's another joke here.)

I'm looking forward to the game, which promises to be "faster than HeroClix", and implements parts of the video game, like respawning and weapon swapping.

So I present to you what may or may not become the first in an ongoing parodic series:

"Teh ACKSHUN Cliks"
Even the title is rife with humor. And trademark infringement aversion.

And, yes, the last panel is a dig at the folks complaining about what we're "not getting" as far as Halo 3 information. We're getting boatloads o' stuff compared to Halo 2. Stop complaining.

I hadn't done a "I'm a Mac" parody before. Now I have. Look at that.

UPDATED: Forgot to mention why there's a "sniper moment" in the strip (other than they seem to be popular right now). The "Halo Universe" panel at Comic-Con was a little lackluster, but not because of the participants (WizKids' Mark Tuttle, in particular, rocked it as the moderator; dude has energy). No, it was lackluster because there were no Microsoft / Bungie folks in attendance, and the panelists had to be careful not to share anything about Halo 3 they shouldn't. I saw the Bungie guys there -- six rows back in the audience -- ready to figuratively snipe the panelists if someone got out of line. Or was it figuratively? Hmm ...

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