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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Everything happens for a reason ...

Everything happens for a reason ...

I was pretty bent out of shape yesterday early in the morning when I missed my United Airlines flight. Yes, I was running late, and only got there 20 minutes before take-off, but evidently, since everyone but me checked in 30 minutes early, they ... left early. Seriously. Didn't know they could do that ...

Anyway, the United rep was unhelpful (and rude), so I went with an America West flight to make my 1 p.m. SF meeting.

As a rule, I don't like to ride in planes with smaller, less cleanly seats, but I found myself seated next to Rex, an up-and-coming rocker and recording artist.

Rex is absolutely fascinating, and passionate about what he does. He's made it through to fast and hot burn that can finish a lot of musicians, has stayed focused, and has a vision, end-game, and excitement that I find invigorating. Think a young, on-fire David Grohl -- passionate and
intensely hard working.

Methinks we'll be hearing from this guy soon.

Everything happens for a reason ...

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