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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Last night, the Austin Chronicle threw its annual SXSW film party at La Zona Rosa, and my awesome agent got me an entrance badge

So after getting out my current acting class (at freaking 11:30 p.m.), I got to pal around with other South-by freaks, listen to Reckless Kelly (I really like their stuff), and The Gourds (this was my first time seeing them; Lotta energy, good sound).

I ran into Will Wallace again, who accused me of following him around. (I'm not. Maybe a little. You'll know when I'm following you, Mister. Or something. Anyhoo ...)

I spent most of the evening with Elizabeth Mason (after we hadn't seen each other since, oh, the night before), and though I didn't chat with a bunch of folks, I saw my agent (she rocks), Vivian Vives with Barcelona Films, Alex Smith (The Slaughter Rule), etc.

I chatted with Belinda, a nice gal visiting from London for SXSW a bit out of her element, and ran into Elizabeth Wheat, an absolutely stunning actress I hadn't seen since we took a class together with Mona Lee.

I also met Josh Squires and Jon Flynn (a friend of Elizabeth's) with VIR Productions. Flynn makes my screwball-hilarious superball kid bro-in-law look absolutely sanguin. No joke. In a good way. Anyway, Josh and Flynn over at VIR(Latin, "Courage")Productions were a ton of fun (and made "fuhgetaboutit" fun again), and I'll be keeping an eye on the good stuff they're doing.

All of this is absolutely exhausting with nasty allergies, where everything I do feels like I'm swimming with a 250 lb. man in combat boots standing on my neck and shoulders. But what else am I gonna do? I mean, really ...

I lasted until 1:30 (ish), then called it a night.

South-by rocks.

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