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Saturday, March 05, 2005

It shouldn't be this hard to get headshots mass produced.

The option in town is down to PhotoMagic, and (so far), they don't seem to be quick, or conscientious, or able to do much beyond do mass productions.

I went to pick of a number of proofs today (new theatricals and a 2nd run of my commercial shot), and there were printer-induced error lines across all of the proofs; PhotoMagic obviously hadn't even QAed the picts.

So now I have to wait who knows how long again, which makes the cheaper out of town options I turned down (to avoid turnaround lag) look all the more appealing ...

This is even more frustrating in that I've already done all the work -- scanned the negatives, done the color correction, produced the digital files. All they have to do is print the things ...


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