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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dwayne McDuffie is absolutely amazing.

OK, I've like Dwayne for along time. I think St. George (on which he was editor) was amazing and underrated, and it was the first title I remember getting angry about being canceled. I felt like he rejuvenated Deathlok as a character for Marvel, and, of course, The Tick. And I'm very impressed with his bravery in creating and championing Static (Static Shock).

But what I'm most recently impressed into writing about Dwayne is his work on Justice League Unlimited. After a shaky start this second season, JLU righted itself, and I just finished the series finale arc, written/produced by Dwayne.

You need to see this finale. It carries through with themes are devices introduced throughout the series, but arguably starts in earnest with Question Authority, and ended Saturday with Divided We Fall.

The writing (including dialog) is striking, witty, passionate, and moving. The almost filmic finishing arc is dark, and the stakes are high.

As an aside, I get a little bent out of shape at politics in my entertainment (a la Revenge of the Sith), but the politics injected in JLU feel organic, necessary, common sense, and ... well ... right.

So, check out the series finale arc for Justice League Unlimited. It's cartooning for adults -- seriously, I've had folks who aren't overly keen on my cartoon viewing floored by this series.

Also, check out Dwayne's site. The guy is a mainstay and a courageus power in the industry.

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