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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I haven't done a Loki update for a while.

For those non-regular readers, here's the quick history -- Loki is my dog, she is sick, I thought she was going to die, and she's "not dead yet."

Loki seems to be doing better now. She's stronger, her tail wags like mad all the time (when she's outside of her crate), and she's got enough strength to be disobedient.

She's had a few trips since my last post -- A bone marrow aspirate visit, which seems to show she does not have cancer (good news/bad news, since they still don't know what she actually has); an emergency trip to re-sew her up after her stitches dissolved from her splenectomy, but before her stomach healed (hey, I'm no veterinarian, but if you're giving a dog a ton of meds you know slow the healing process, might you want to use heavier gauge stitching? She has staples now); and a couple of surgical ophthalmologist visits to sew up and then unsew her third eyelid on her infected left eye (yes, I learned dogs have a third eyelid on each eye; they also have 4 tear ducts; Oh Evolutionist, why did we lose ours?).

She's still blind (I could be her seeing-eye human for up to a year, assuming she ever gets her sight back), but my current worry is Loki's only doing better because she's on a ton of medications. A ton of expensive-ass medications.

No, money alone is not a factor in my decisions about Loki, but let's just say I've put nearly as much into her as I recently put into having my house foundation leveled. And I feel an obligation to be good steward with what I've been given.

And Loki didn't get anything cool out of it. Like lasers. Or an anti-cat rocket tail. Or hydraulic, super-powered jumping legs.

"We can rebuild her."

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