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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My agent rocks (VG VO audition) ...

My agent so rocks!

Now, I understand the need for each actor to extol the virtues of their respective agent, but ...

My. Agent. Rocks.


Because instead of being "just" representation, she's a Partner. And she's a Closer.

I've been keeping tabs on a game company in Austin, because I keep tabs on all game companies in Austin (I like to do voice over for video games). But this particular game company impressed me with their Website, their growth, their completing a game amidst tragedy, etc.

I bought their games. I sent Emails to the general inbox introducing myself.

Then, a friend tells me about a casting call for video game voice over work. I check it out, and it's this company. I hit up the Casting Director, and let her know I'm interested.

I call my agent, and give her all the details. She'd been chatting with this particular Casting Director all week, and she gets me an audition.

Gets. Me. An Audition.


Having an agent doesn't mean I get to stop hustling. But having the agent I have lets me bring stuff to the table, and know it won't get ignored.

Once I get to the audition, it's up to me (and the preference of the casting folks).

More about the actual audition in a separate post, but regardless, remember:

My. Agent. Rocks.

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