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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Turns out a Guinness with deep company isn't conducive to sleep.

Neither is adding a media experience as rich as Oblivion for the Xbox 360.

The net result being I'm a bit thinkish tonight.

I'm reminded how important to me it is that people change.

People change.

I change.

Growing (moving forward) or not (ostensibly moving backward), I change.

I don't get to stay stuck. By nature of entropy, that deterministic descent into disorder, I'm either getting better or I'm getting worse.

I'm either growing or dying. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Intellectually. Growing or dying.

I rock or I suck.

I am constantly doing so much. People are amazed at how much I do. Hell, I'm amazed at how much I do. And I'm not being cocky -- I just have these constant moments of stopping to assess and having one of those Matrix/Neo/Reeves "Whoa" moments at all the pretty brands in the fire. And it's not that I'm just throwing as much as I can at the wall to see what sticks (though there's an element of that) -- it's that I have so much to do. And if I don't keep myself growing Emotionally/Physically/Spiritually/Intellectually, I'm dying. Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually. Intellectually.

I'm inspired when I hang around people who are all over figuring out their own growth, and take an active role in it.

I'm saddened by people who seem seriously stuck in some area of their life, because they're not stuck.

They're dying.

Being a human is exhausting.

My epiphany for the evening is "you haven't changed a bit!" is either pleasantry or superficiality. But it's not sincerity.

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