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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Good audition ...

I just had a really good audition with Scott Rice (Synthetic Pictures), Beth Sepko, and Sheila Steele over at Beth Sepko Casting.

Rice got quite a bit of festival buzz for Perils in Nude Modeling, and his commercial stuff seems to get a huge, positive comedic kick from his narrative work.

The guy was genuinely a pleasure with whom to audition, and seemed to be having fun auditioning people. Beth and Sheila are absolute pros, which makes an audition rock.

Plus, Scott's done a spot for Activision, and I'm a video game junkie. So that made me more excited to audition for him (no, I realize it could have been just a gig for him, but the thing is fun and slick -- check it out at Synthetic Pictures ("ACTIVISION - GINA").

Oh, the audition was for the Austin American Statesman (Central Texas newspaper), and is full of witty double entendres ...

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