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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I went to the Alliance gig Monday night

I went to the Alliance panel and party at MOMO's Club Monday night.

It was a good, informative meet, with a lot of big local industry folks giving of their time and knowledge to help Texas "raise the bar" for film and commercial work. There was also an update on the state legislation/incentive front (go to the Texas Motion Picture Alliance Web page; read; become informed; become a part of it).

The attendance was much skimpier than the previous meeting (which was insane and hot and dangerously overcrowded). There were probably south of 125 people, whereas last time saw north of 300. Not sure what the deal was, but when I finally left, I noticed an abnormal number of empty parking spaces and meters on West 6th street, so maybe it wasn't just the event that was short on attendance.

It was a good experience, though, because the three panels (Talent Agents, Coaches, and Casting Directors) were candid, and so giving of their info -- and they were entertaining, to boot.

On the relational side, I touched base with 14 or so people I know, and met a few more, including a couple of coaches with whom I wanted to meet and talk with in person. A bit of a banter weight evening from an Adam perspective, but great on the quality, if not quantity, of folks ... ;-)

I am so off my game, though; not a single business card given out. What up with that, Adam? All you did was trade numbers and Emails via phones. Kids with their toys today ...

Oh, and check out the official Alliance site for details about that group.

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