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Friday, June 16, 2006

Voice session for "Tysus and Zianna"

I had a good recording session last night for Tysus and Zianna, the animated short for which I auditioned last week.

Alex Lawrence and Dan Parsons are really talented, entertaining, and enjoyable folks with whom to work, and fellow voice talents Candace and John rounded out the cast.

We recorded at a home studio that was new to me, owned by John Arispe, and it is a solid, double booth studio, well-constructed with all the necessary gear, and John (and his son, John) both really know their stuff.

The recording session itself was a little unconventional, because normally each actor's lines are recorded independently of each other, then mastered later. Last night, we ran through the script in a linear fashion, recording all of our lines together. This makes it quicker from a production perspective, but longer for the actors. It does make it easier to react off of each other, though.

There are also several physical and fight moments in the short piece, so I had to do a bunch of grunts and various other sounds of exertion that had me working up quite a sweat. Mixed appropriately, they should sound cool. Mixed inappropriately, and these could be so used against me ...

Anyway, good, fun session last night, with talented folks with whom I'd choose to work again (I'd been wanting to work with Dan in particular for a few years), so a very positive experience overall.

Now, I'm off to an intense audition for the remake of The Hitcher, which is a brutally tough role that scares me ...

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