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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Adam has magic eyes ...

Recently, fellow actors have been trapped by my magic eyes.

Since what I offer as an actor is unique, I've been thinking about this unique part of me.

To be honest, my eyes are actually "Hazel/green" -- hazel with flecks of green.

Depending on what I'm wearing, my eye color changes, based on light reflecting off my clothes into my face, and if the room's poorly lit, my pupil dilates, lessening the hazel, leaving more room just for the green flecks (since they're more on the edge of the iris).

Green shirts make my eyes look more green. Brown shirts make them look brown. Yellow makes them look hazel. Blue is the most fun, because depending on the shade, blue makes my eyes green, light blue, or slate gray.

And, like anyone else, my eye color changes from certain foods, stress, or health. Depends how the stroma is affected. But it seems to be more pronounced in my eyes that some other folks'.

I once did an awesome taped cold read where I'd been wearing a green T-shirt just before getting on camera, and stripped down to a white T, and as my character got darker, my eyes went from green to dark brown. Unplanned, but wicked awesome to watch.

And if eyes are the door to the soul, then my soul is ... technicolor. Or something.

Now, I wonder if this is worthy of a resume "Special Skill":
"Eyes change color to hazel, green, blue, brown, or slate, depending on clothing (no contacts required)"

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