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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Last night was a good class.

"This is the hard part," Steve said. "You'll be on tilt."

This is the part where stuff starts to get really important and really confusing and really intense.
Of course, I was "on tilt" last week, I think in no small part to this class.

Last night was good, though.

There were some really nice, weighty moments (Megan and Lydia, you are so brave), and it was a gift to be a part of it. And I had a really important moment with Marcus, who is just gifted in his authenticity.

Am I where I need to be? Yeah. Steve said we're "exactly where we need to be".

So, I'm going to trust that, not worry, and not overthink. Very freeing.

And Steve took some time after class to give us a 20-minute "Audition technique" lessen. It was a gift, but for me, just validation that the work and choices I'm making now are on track, and just need to be honed.

I did get an additional nuance, codified by Steve as "why me? Why now?" when I make character choices. I like that. I think I should add it to my worksheet.

Speaking of "gift", one of the things Steve said is, "A note [from a director] is a gift." I've kind of taken this as a given (that's why I do so much homework before every audition). I don't rely on direction or insight that I may not get. But Steve's statement added some positive weight to the surprise of any note I may get from a Director or Casting Director.

Good stuff ...

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