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Friday, January 12, 2007

Biz day meetings and parties ...

Earlier today, I went to lunch with Jason from Invisible Strings, the "audio guy" for the "Pray with Thanksgiving" short I did last year. We shot the breeze, talked Biz, and thought through mutual opportunities. Jason is a good and talented , and if you need film, television, or game music and audio, choral or orchestral arrangements, or transcription services, I think you'd be hard pressed to find all of that of such caliber in one place. And he's local.

Then it was off to the release party for the new Caught in the Act Magazine, which (as far as I can see) was a smashing success.

As parties go, it was a great time for me, and this town is so blessed to have so many wonderful, talented, beautiful, validating people that call it home. I am so blessed. A lot of folks with whom I've built Biz history over the last several years, and folks that have gone through some recent, pretty intense training with me.

Creative types, what do you want? I hazard you'll find it in Austin.

Oh, and now I'm doing Samurai again, because I made a commitment to someone. And that's not a light deal.

As far as the magazine goes, it's a good foray. It's got room to grow, and there's a lot of effort and talent packed into those few pages.

Check out the myspace -- and the online version is (hopefully) coming soon:

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