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Thursday, September 06, 2007

EA's Marvel Fighting Game

To summarize (again):
Adam Creighton. Video Game Nut. Comic Book fanboy. Actor. Biz and Tech Dev Wunderkind.
So of course I was stoked about EA's Comic-Con announcement of their upcoming fighting game, currently referred to as just "EA's Marvel Fighting Game."

Sure, folks may be a bit put off by EA's previous comic book brawler, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, for its lopsided execution and poorly-done, non-transparent marketing tie-in, but nay-sayers should consider three things:
  1. That game had potential.
  2. It gave superstar artist Jae Lee a platform to showcase his awesome work.
  3. The new game is being done by EA Chicago, and spearheaded by Kudo Tsunoda, the wunderkind behind Fight Night Round 3 and Def Jam Icon.

There was a preview of the game when it first aired on SpikeTV's Game Head, but I noticed clips showed up online today. They're not the whole picture that was in the full episode, but they do give you gameplay, CGI cinematics, and behind-the-scenes insight. Besides Tsunoda (who continues to look like he's channeling his inner Tomonobu Itagaki), there are sound bites from Liam Miller (Line Producer), Darren Bennett (Senior Produce), Josh Tsui (Art Director), Dave Pasciuto (Lead Environment Artist), and Nathan Turner (Lead Environment Artist).

For comic book fanboys, yeah, that looks like Ultimate Captain America in the gameplay, and possibly a variation of Ultimate (shirtless) Juggernaut, but (thankfully) with the traditional helmet.

The game's still a year out, but already looks great, and I can totally see EA Chicago rising to the high bar set by Raven Software and Activision with their Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. There better be customizations and unlockables out the wazoo.

And on the sour grapes side, I'm irked host Geoff Keighley got placed into the game, when I as a trained and skilled voice and on-camera actor can't get EA to give me the time of day. And Chicago is a union town; but maybe Canuck Geoff's SAG. Dunno. End Gripe.

Anyway, the vids:

World’s First Look at the Marvel Fighting Game:

The Hulk’s Destructive Gameplay:

Level Design on the Marvel Fighting Game:

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