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Monday, March 07, 2005

I dunno if it was my running 5K in the pouring rain (yeah, voluntarily), being near delirious from being under the weather, or being recently inspired by an odd mix of Ethan Hawke, Janis Joplin, and Rafael Navarro, but I came up with 3 new screenplay ideas on my run tonight.

I refer to everything by my camel-cased abbreviation codenames, but I came back soaking wet and hit the keyboard with 2-4 pages of dialogue/treatment a piece for "Rf" -- an interstitial, fairly visceral short; "tP" -- a meta narration (think a film version John Barth might endorse); and "Uj" -- a horror/suspense deal based on a nightmare I had a couple of weeks ago that I had no interest in remembering, and has no interest in leaving my noggin.

So Rf, tP, and Uj join my other works in progress, Bd, StT, tB, tG, CBH, and perhaps my favorite, CoP.

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