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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tonight was the last night of my Professional Film Acting class, and it absolutely rocked!

In 2 hours, we did 5 warm-ups and 5 two-actor scenes -- three takes a piece (each with different direction, each with two camera angles). Absolutely staggering, and a gift to be a part of.

Van Brooks is a strong coach, and this class took the format of getting our scenes, learning the lines flat and workshopping characters outside of class, then showing up each week as if we're on a movie set, ready to work
-- rehearse and shoot our scenes. Van shoots everything on a Panasonic DVX100AP HD camera -- a rig I'd absolutely love to own for my own film making -- and a boom and light kit.

Last week, we diverted from the formula a bit and just rehearsed hardcore, which let us hit the ground tonight doing warmups and shoots for the scenes Van had written for us.

I was Edwards -- a homicide detective -- and with my favorite brown "detective ensemble", I kicked ass ... in the looks department ...

Actually, my scenework wasn't half bad either, especially my take as a savvy "handler" detective, pushing through a faux innocent perp (played convincingly by Kristi Wright).

Yeah, I get a lot out of training with Van ...

Best scene work: Tom Procida, in every one of his six performances. Followed by Buzz Rahm, playing a sickening-sweet psychotic/sociopath. Absolutely creepy believable.

Greatest freeze frame: Tammy Holland, with an absolutely near commercial headshot-quality still (she was playing a forensic psychiatrist).

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