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Monday, June 26, 2006

"Tysus & Zianne" Update: Alex Lawrence

Here's another update on the Tysus & Zianna computer-animated short for which I did the lead voice over.

This time, I'm focusing on Alex Lawrence, the film's writer/director/producer, and principal behind D.H. Lawrence Productions.

Check out Alex's Website -- The guy's quite a bit of a renaissance man.

He's got a bunch of nice stuff on his site, and I'm particularly struck with his being a computer modeler, and concept artist -- not a combination you see a lot, and one that's definitely in demand.

Like I said, there are a lot of good pieces on the site, but in particular, check out the following for Tysus & Zianna kinds of stuff:
  • Concept Art (has 3 pieces from Tysus & Zianna, Including the Death Knight, whose bum I totally kick)
  • Digital Stills ("The Citadel")
  • Animations(Check out the The "Wheel of Time - theatrical trailer" to get a flavor of what Tysus & Zianna could be -- and this was 5 years ago!)

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