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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm okay. No, really ...

I have a great, supportive friend and fan base. (Need recent proof? Look here.)

I've been hit quite a bit recently from genuinely caring folks wanting to "Just make sure you're okay, Adam."

The conversations generally go like this:
"Wow, you've had a rough couple of weeks. You had to believe someone you loved died. Your "Friday Night Lights" scene was cut. You didn't get that audition. You had to cancel your marketing workshop. You were banned from a Website. Corporations
are making dumb moves
. You've been sick. You've had [censored and not talked about on the Website]. You've ..."
Gee, thanks.

Don't get me wrong -- I really appreciate these sweet, supportive, and genuinely caring folks.

But I haven't had a rough couple of weeks. I've just had a couple of weeks. So the last couple of weeks may seem packed with more and rougher stuff than normal. So what?

The reality is we all have "weeks". And while there may have been moments of bummage, they were brief, and never devolved into "Oh for crying out loud -- now this?!" (believe me, I've lived there before, and the last couple of weeks don't even rate).

In the "glass-half-full" / "glass-half-empty" continuum, I'm a "glass-half-full" kinda guy. And I'm always looking for how to fill the other half of the glass.

So, this is how I've seen events the last couple of weeks:
"Wow, good couple of weeks! I reached a new level of real emotion in my acting. I have the pay and credit from "Friday Night Lights", and because my scene was cut, I can still be considered a "Fresh Face" for future FNL episodes. I was notified by the director that I didn't get an audition, which never happens, and I was able to plan and do other Biz stuff for the shoot date, rather than having to hold it open. Since I had to cancel my marketing workshop, I filled the time with other Biz stuff. I was banned from a Website, so I learned specifics of a kind of gamer and kind of person I don't want to be. Getting mad about Corporations validated integrity and people are important to me. I've been sick, so I had to slow down and enjoy people and stuff more than I would have otherwise. I've switched focus to some of my other irons in the fire, and now tthey're moving forward with extra attention. I've got so much opportunity..."
Besides, let's face it -- if I was easily deterred by constant rejection and lack of progress (or found my sense of self worth in what I do, rather than who I am), I'd be in the wrong business.

Oh, and for anyone who thinks my blog is the sum total of all things Adam Creighton? Please. There is so much depth yet to be plumbed. My Website's a facet, but it's not the diamond.

I'm authentic in my blogs, but not transparent about my life.

Authentic is important and interesting and connecting.

Transparent is "Dude, do you ever shut up? I do not want to hear any more about your Father Wound / addictions / fetishes / boils / pets.

I don't want to be that guy.

But I do appreciate the love and concern. Good folks ...

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