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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy on the acting front

Been busy lately on the acting front, which is obviously good.

Sunday I did another Meisner workout, this time a 1:1 with Errich Petersen, who's really talented, a good guy, and he and I have some overlap in the things on which we need to work for this class.

Right after that I recorded a 60-second voice audition for an AFTRA Lay's/Super B**l radio spot. The copy was well-written (it flowed, had a lot of range, and was easy to fit into the target time) and a lot of fun.

My agent called me Saturday about the opportunity from New York (she's absolutely amazing; working on her vacation and getting non-Austin gigs for me), and sound engineer Chad Furrow spun on a dime and helped me record the thing so I could have a clean, professional submission. If you need a top-notch, skilled engineer who knows his stuff and is a joy with whom to work, Chad is your guy. Seriously, if you want to get a hold of hiim, let me know.

The last several days, I've been going back and forth with several sound production and casting agencies on the West Coast. The interactions have largely been around their preference for union talent. I've been talking to them about the merits of professional talent in work-at-will states like Texas, which also hosts a bunch of their clients. I'm in no way trying to undercut the unions, but I certainly need to sell why the reality of where I choose to live doesn't impact my professionalism and contribution to their project. We'll see. A couple of the folks have been really interactive, and seem interested in exploring this more.

Last night, I finally got my specialized CD burner fixed (I hate software), because I need to burn a ton of voice demo CDs for next week's game conference.

I also wrote another full episode of my "Project X(ish)", and recorded and mastered some test audio. This particular episode is in homage to one of my favorite 90s action cartoons, and is funny sh**. To me. Other people may say, "Not so much." Screw them.

Tonight, I'll probably do another Meisner workout (I so don't feel ready for class), and start burning and printing a ton of demo discs and resumes for next week's conference.

I am so running out of hours in a day ...

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